Tesla Accessories

Accessories for Tesla Models 3 / Y / X / S:

  •   Home charging installation
  •   Paint protection film

Why use Paint Protection?

Today’s automotive surfaces are more complex and more susceptible to damage than ever before. Paint is more prone to chipping, due to the more advanced aerodynamics and designs and the modern car is now much larger than its predecessor – whilst parking spaces are smaller.

Environmental elements, road surface deterioration and debris means your vehicle is under constant attack – PremiumShield Surface Protection Film helps keep your vehicle in that showroom condition by providing a virtually invisible barrier minimizing stone chips, protecting from minor abrasions, bug stains and ultimately protecting your investment whilst helping to maintain the resale value of your vehicle.

Protect Your Paint, Protect Your Investment 
  •   Window tint

  •   Floor mats
  •   Charging cable organizer
  •   Armrest storage box organizer

  •   Center console cover
  •   Center screen protector
  •   Phone mount on dashboard
  •   Drop stop pads
  •   Car seat covers
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