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Triaz Digital Printing Introduces Innovative 3D-Touch UV

AUSTIN, Texas – April 16th, 2016 – Triaz Digital Printing, a veteran of the print and disk replication industry, today reported on its success with a recently installed 3D-Touch UV enhancement press in its North Austin, TX, production facility. Installed this April, the company revealed that augmenting its existing digital offset and laser production workflow with 3D-Touch UV digital embossing has given it a substantial, persuasive edge in their market. Triaz not only reported several new clients won because of the technology, but a remarkably strong and diverse interest across market segments. For more information about Triaz Digital Printing, visit

Tejano and Texas Music Scenes

For more than nine years, Triaz Digital Printing has been a vital supporter of the Tejano and Texas music scenes, providing print services and CD replication for such Grammy award-winning artists as Willie Nelson, Little Wayne, and Ruben Ramos. Following a tradition of excellence in print, Triaz chose 3D-Touch UV digital embossing technology to elevate the premium, tangible connection that printed album art and packaging forges between musicians and their fans. Current clients’ applications demonstrate improved impact, increased collectability, expanded creativity, and the potential to combat counterfeiting and other unlicensed reproduction.

SXSW Energy

The nation’s most popular music scene continues to surpass milestones of growth and expansion, and national-scale clients are driving increases in project budgets and the demand for promotional products. Triaz Digital Printing has the location, capacity and diversity to support the print needs of venues and musicians alike. With 3D-Touch UV print enhancements, they are ideally positioned to provide promotional products of greater impact and collectability, while remaining nimble enough to meet the availability and turnaround requirements inherent to the festival market.

Realty Explosion

As the fastest growing city in the country, Austin boasts one of the most vital and dynamic real-estate markets in the US. With 3D-Touch UV digital embossing technology, Triaz is poised to meet realtors’ increasing demand for effective, memorable, and differentiated marketing materials. Early reactions to 3D-Touch-enhanced “one-sheets” and business cards have been ecstatic, and current demand and inquiries suggest that the tangible utility of print remains an indispensable element of a realtor’s promotional portfolio.

Thinking Vertically: Design and Print Enhancement

With their 3D-Touch UV digital enhancement press, Triaz Digital Printing is fully invested in vertical collaboration. Triaz’s years of experience in shipping and fulfillment complement a unique portfolio of digital embossing and value-added services, now available to the more than 4,200 printers and designers in Austin, as well as printers throughout San Antonio, Dallas, and Central Texas. With 3D-Touch UV, Triaz is poised to raise the bar on high-impact print throughout the region.

Embracing Emerging Markets

With the explosive popularity of local micro-breweries, wineries, and distilleries, 3D-Touch UV digital embossing is an unprecedented tool for enhancing beverage labels with a tailored tactile experience.

In the US, 3.5 million Indo-Americans [Americans whose ancestry belongs to any of the many ethnic groups of the Republic of India] present an unmet demand for digitally-embossed wedding albums. “In India, wedding albums are a treasured keepsake that demand sophisticated and highly decorated album covers,” notes Bharat Mehta, Triaz Digital Printing president. “With a rapidly growing population that now exceeds over 250,000 in the Texas area, the 3D-Touch UV enhancements become highly desirable.”

Thinking locally, Triaz Digital Printing is positioned to use 3D-Touch UV braille effects to bridge traditional print applications with the exceptional community surrounding the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired.

About Triaz Digital Printing

For the past nine years, Triaz Digital Printing has labored to be Austin’s most versatile printer, offering more than 100 different print and value-added products across the breadth of promotional, garment, packaging, and advertising specialties. From its production center located off Rutland Drive in North Austin, TX, Triaz provides digital offset and laser printing, digital embossing, wide format printing, cad-cut, direct-to-garment, pad press, cd duplication and replication, die-cut finishing, screen printing, and a host of full-color dye-sublimation and heat transfer processes for both B2B and consumer-direct markets.

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